The tendency of 22-23 is a contaminated classic style. The man of 2023 will marry the idea of new tailoring. From tailoring to smart casual, from college to street, the wardrobe looks to the good taste of contemporary codes turned to everyday use. With this concept in mind, outwears will be with a variety of textures from classic check to overcheck, pinstripes, regimental, and military. Suit jackets will show bigger volume and important rever while overshirts will be associated with natural texture and neoprene or jersey. Instead, Jackets with a hood will renew with a bib in fleece or nylon in contrasting colors, making the outwear have wearability devoted to comfort. Finally, the pants widen the bottoms and become baggier, the dresses are soft and performing, and the two-tone suit rethinks the pinstripe and the check.


The knitwear world is different and has a life of its own. The material effect is expressed on bulky garments, with more raw knitwear or minimal. For dynamic style, the trends will be on rainproof garments perfect for cities as well as for outdoor. For a more relaxed style, the “Sportif suit” will for sure be a big trend. Varsity jacket, coat with cashmere hood, teddy jacket, and double-breasted suit but also bomber and pant with coulisse. While the knitwear mixed with hoodie with logo, is also contaminated but the use of sustainable materials, indeed, one of the biggest trends will hybrid cashmere knitwears, partially recycled, always attentive to the balance between comfort and respect for mother nature.


Dedicated to the metropolitan warrior, the wardrobe point to a multifunctional garment, structured and versatile for all-day long use. From the parka to the field jacket and down filled comforter all made in a genderless key. Between textures, we find materials such as nylon, and water repellent organic cotton, while the sensitive garment has technical and elastic properties. For cold winter days, we suggest also voluminous and reversible down jackets in printed neoprene combined with nylon.



The college elegance of American college inspires garments and knitwears with stripes logos and patches. The chromatic palette enhances colors such as cream, camel, blue, dark brown, and different shades of gray. To the atmosphere dictated by college uniforms are added hoody and crewneck overs, cargo pants, and doubled gabardine, again for contaminating classic style with new trends and innovations.


One of the most wearable garments, modeled on the personality of those who wear it, day by day. For denim lovers, the atmosphere is relaxed but also energetic, this year they will be declined with the comfort version. The fabrics are exclusive such as Egyptian cotton, denim, and cashmere, selvages from japan, and Hitech fiber. A wardrobe also made of cargo pants, fluid shirts, classic jeans, and straight 70s. Eco-responsible sensitivity rethinks the choice of small parts: buttons, rivets and zips with low environmental impact in non-galvanized steel. And then green details such as salpe in recycled leather and organic cotton linings treated with water washes.


In our showroom, we have different brands perfectly mirroring the future tendencies analyzed in this article. For example, Aniye Records funded its entire design on revisiting vintage “rock style” garments with a modern key. In addition, also brands such as Cruna, focus their attention on producing very high standard knitwear using a wide spectrum of textures and fabrics mixing cashmere, and trying to have a positive impact on the heart with sustainable productions.

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